Monday, March 24, 2014

magic in the mind

In a a castle not far from where u are now lived many magical creatchers. Among these bearings lived a friendly witch named Sam. Sam was the only witch in the castle. Many other creatchers where scares of her and her powers often screaming that she was evil. Sam was all alone. She often would stay in her room and talk to her magic cristel ball saying " magic ball am I evil?" It would always say " yes you are a witch" Sam never hurt a fly or made any one cry so why? She wondered. Why is she evil? She dosnt know. One day she left her room to ask some one. She went up to a girl and asked " why am I evil?" The girl relayed " because your a witch" Sam went on asking people and they all said the same thing. She sat and pondered once more thinking " what is being a witch have to do with being bad or good?" She went up to another
person and asked that. They said a simple " I don't know" so what made Sam evil? Simply other people.

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