Friday, November 15, 2013

overload of the blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

our class collection is has grown in the past 3 days greatly and has shown me a few things. 1 being that or time uses alot of plastic and maybe way to much it actually scares me slightly. who would have thought our interests wold be so different i feel every one brought in things that kind of tells a little story of them selfs. what i cant believe again is all the plastic i cant get that out of my system on how much plastic people brought in and how the world has made just everything out of plastic even portia munsons sort is mostly plastic things im finding when i scroll threw pictures thats mostly what she collects. i wonder if people believe this is right in there every day lives just throwing away without really thinking theses things.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

how did you decide what to collect?

how did you decide what to collect? hmm iv collected alot of things i have normale collections like rocks and seashells and when i was little i collected over 150 raggedy ann dolls ( that are now in my attic collecting dust )  when i got into middle school i was trying to think of something diffrent that not many people would think about collecting, along with something i could relate to. so i decided on dragons since i ( at the time ) didnt think many people collected these wonderful gothic reptiles.

What do you collect and why?

what do you collect and why? well i collect dragons. i have almost 40 dragons all around my bed room
i have 2 of the same kind of dragon painted on my walls. that just shows how much i love them.why do i collect them? hmm well iv always loved reptiles and the world of make believe. when i was little i didnt love princesses or mermaids. i loved dragons and the evil queens of old. dragons is where the real stuff is at. i also feel kind of conected to dragons because they are protectors. dragons are always protecting somthing thy hold near and dar to there harts there hole life and i do the same thing. there also often missunderstood for how they look,sound,ect. when people look at me at first glance i get weird stares to. people often think i look scary and think im into bad things just because i look weird when just like dragons i could just be protecting somthing i love.