Saturday, November 3, 2012

end of the marking period

its already the end of the marking period  and i still cant believe that i went from this kinda stuff to collages in just 2 months its amazing. i never knew how to shade  like i did in the shoe drawling i suprized my self and im much better at it then i used to be. i mean i look back at this picture i made when i took an art class in 8th grade and go wow look what i can do now. i truly cant wait to see whats next in store for me and my class. i can not wait to make new things of different styles next making period.

love keeps growing

this is my collage <--- think that how u spell it anyway my subject was gay marriage. i first glued down images that i had printed out, then got color tissue paper and glued them into a rambiow then i lay down a stencil of the gender signs down and put modeling past down then lifted them back up to make kind of a out line so u could see what was underneath then once the modeling paste dried i panted lightly red on top. then i panted the green lines up to represent the love keeps growing no matter your gender.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


this is/ was our assinment this marking periode to draw our shoes. At first i did not think it would come out good at all and iv never tryed shading befor like this so it was a new thing for me. i have always loved drawling so it was a very fun try out, this came out alot better then i thought it would have i most defently suprized myself.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello my name is Rebecca and this is my first year taking Creative Arts in my High School. I love art, drawing, anime, dragons, and I like playing video games. Im not amazing at painting but Im not bad either, I hope to improve it this year. I hope you will all enjoy my blog because it's awesome sauce.