Monday, June 9, 2014

The end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!

OH WOW! The years have flown by and I still feel like a freshman! I'm graduating in less then a week from now and I still feel like I need to learn more. If bin in art for 2years now and have learned so much. Not just about how to make a book or a tea set but about my self.  Art of any degree is a stress reliever to me. Having 2 art periods this year I found I was much more clam and collected for all my other study's. Most of what I have done this year was just a repeat of last year just with a twist a bit. Instead of a tea set we made a todum pole. We drew candy we weren't allowed to eat! We also did this thug called art times 3 witch was one of my favored things to do but I feel like most people hated doing that. The years have challenged my imagination and skills but though I feel like I haven't people say I have. Ether way the years have given me much to feed on and I can't wait to use what I have learned in art school.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I could tell you, but would you believe me? You'll never know till you open it.what is inside is a few small things that hold small but most valuable memories. One thin is a Pokemon ring that my boyfriend made me at the time to make up from a big fight we had and i couldn't say no.Another object is an inside joke me and a close friends shared, the joke was what if men where octipi? big five year olds that we can be we laughed our heads off. then one day she brings me a pair of home made tentacle gauges ad said "heres your man" hahaha so that's in there. Another object in there is a small change purse i won in an arcade game down in Disney when i went on my senior trip. How could i forget that fun time. There is also a posin bottle that is green and black in there that resembles two different things, One is my cyber Gothic fashion threw out the years and the other being me making jewelry. Then there is a dread fall, fake of coures but i did experiment on what i would look like with them in my hair. Another thing is a paper claw that was for my Halloween costume this year. And that should be it that i rember putting in the box.

Monday, March 24, 2014

magic in the mind

In a a castle not far from where u are now lived many magical creatchers. Among these bearings lived a friendly witch named Sam. Sam was the only witch in the castle. Many other creatchers where scares of her and her powers often screaming that she was evil. Sam was all alone. She often would stay in her room and talk to her magic cristel ball saying " magic ball am I evil?" It would always say " yes you are a witch" Sam never hurt a fly or made any one cry so why? She wondered. Why is she evil? She dosnt know. One day she left her room to ask some one. She went up to a girl and asked " why am I evil?" The girl relayed " because your a witch" Sam went on asking people and they all said the same thing. She sat and pondered once more thinking " what is being a witch have to do with being bad or good?" She went up to another
person and asked that. They said a simple " I don't know" so what made Sam evil? Simply other people.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

china cookies!

this project was my favorite this year  so far. we got 6 cookies and had to read the furchens inside them. from there we had to pick one or use them all for a project inspired by what they said. for the top project the forchen i chose was " a good beginning is only half done" the second one down below was " you never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems". this was so much fun to experiment with !

Monday, January 20, 2014

pop art

pop art was very different and unexpected for my art lass. we had to make our own stamps from scratch and make a bunch of prints. it was different and hands on witch i enjoy.

art times 3

in my 2 art times 3 projects i approached them in slimier ways on the very bottom it explained celebrities can be corrupted by fame and go the dark path or stay in the light harm free path. As for the the top picture i received it and interpreted it as a corrupted celebrity that went down the wrong path, that was opseted with fame and drugs ect. this one is my favorite off the to. i thought this was a fun yet difficult project and hope to do more similes like it. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

overload of the blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

our class collection is has grown in the past 3 days greatly and has shown me a few things. 1 being that or time uses alot of plastic and maybe way to much it actually scares me slightly. who would have thought our interests wold be so different i feel every one brought in things that kind of tells a little story of them selfs. what i cant believe again is all the plastic i cant get that out of my system on how much plastic people brought in and how the world has made just everything out of plastic even portia munsons sort is mostly plastic things im finding when i scroll threw pictures thats mostly what she collects. i wonder if people believe this is right in there every day lives just throwing away without really thinking theses things.