Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the tea sets we are making are more or less fun! my tea set is based after monet's work. my snack plate is calm water. my tea cup saser ( idk how to spell that )  is going to be a lilly pad as for the teacup its self is saved last to do and will takea very long time to do, a lilly in blossum is what it will be. then when u place it all ontop of eachother its a master set! wonderful and beatiful! i cant wait to finsh and see it in the grand finsh.

end of second marking periode

this is just a fun exsperimentle time that just happend. i found the midterm to be most injoyabul! i learned about glazing bowls and about claud monet! ( who is a great dude by the way ) i now am much better at drawling and with craftmanship then last marking paeriode and im looking forward in making a tea set this term. this is one of my newer drawlings, i call her my ganster fairy  thx also to the blow making and how long it takes to make one thing it taought me to be more relaxed and im abul to take more time on detail and editing  things.