Wednesday, January 22, 2014

china cookies!

this project was my favorite this year  so far. we got 6 cookies and had to read the furchens inside them. from there we had to pick one or use them all for a project inspired by what they said. for the top project the forchen i chose was " a good beginning is only half done" the second one down below was " you never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems". this was so much fun to experiment with !

Monday, January 20, 2014

pop art

pop art was very different and unexpected for my art lass. we had to make our own stamps from scratch and make a bunch of prints. it was different and hands on witch i enjoy.

art times 3

in my 2 art times 3 projects i approached them in slimier ways on the very bottom it explained celebrities can be corrupted by fame and go the dark path or stay in the light harm free path. As for the the top picture i received it and interpreted it as a corrupted celebrity that went down the wrong path, that was opseted with fame and drugs ect. this one is my favorite off the to. i thought this was a fun yet difficult project and hope to do more similes like it.