Tuesday, October 29, 2013


the bike drawing and candy drawing are 2 very diffrent drawings they are diffrent yet similer. how they are alike is well they both are drawings and still lifes. the diffrent parts is the well one is a bike and one is candy hahahaha also the candy is color based wail thebike is black and white normale shading. the bike way far more fun and easyer the the candy drawing im finding. bUt at least the.candy drawing is good practice for me.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Im finding drawing in color to be very hard! and drawing candy in a jar with color is even harder! you don't even get to eat any! what horror is this! hahaha. but after i started drawing both drawings i found it to be a challange. im still not done ether of them. but out of the 2 i do injoy drawing the smaller one this time im finding. Hopefully they turn out ok in the end!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

drawling a bike is harder then riding one

i must say after drawling in the amounts i have i truly do not in joy drawing anymore. BUT due to my "shut up and do it modo" i think i did really good and improved a lot on my shading skills on both bike drawings i did. looking back at my profoilio i belive this will stand out dew to the detail and time put into it.compared to the other drawing i did i think on bigger paper i can do so much more detail but the color paper i drew on was a bit of a challenge In the end i saposse it turned out good. but i still would rather ride a bike then draw it :p