Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I could tell you, but would you believe me? You'll never know till you open it.what is inside is a few small things that hold small but most valuable memories. One thin is a Pokemon ring that my boyfriend made me at the time to make up from a big fight we had and i couldn't say no.Another object is an inside joke me and a close friends shared, the joke was what if men where octipi? big five year olds that we can be we laughed our heads off. then one day she brings me a pair of home made tentacle gauges ad said "heres your man" hahaha so that's in there. Another object in there is a small change purse i won in an arcade game down in Disney when i went on my senior trip. How could i forget that fun time. There is also a posin bottle that is green and black in there that resembles two different things, One is my cyber Gothic fashion threw out the years and the other being me making jewelry. Then there is a dread fall, fake of coures but i did experiment on what i would look like with them in my hair. Another thing is a paper claw that was for my Halloween costume this year. And that should be it that i rember putting in the box.