Sunday, March 31, 2013

short storie?

the setting is the top pictuer by monet.
the character is  the second picter down of a angle thatis left on earth to protect people from distruction
the plot is the nuclear sige that was desinded by me resembules a war that has yet to come.

An angle set on earth alone living in a castle next to the ocean. every day she wakes up and watches over the earth. everything is always peacefull. but one day she grew tired of waking up to the same thing and decieded to sleep in. little did that angle know humans walked into her domain. the angle woke up to agruing and noise. she walked over to the men and beged them that this was not the answer to there problems, all the men did was stop and leave. the angle was confused on what happend that she flew up high in the sky to see all over the world. but snice that angle slept she didnt relize the world went on without her and what the angle saw was not just a few men fighting it was the hole world.  the angle flew from one end to the other trying to convince every one this will not solve anything that they will not just disroy them selfs but the hole wrold and all living things on it. the people of earth lowered there anger torwds one another for a few days but it grew back up. the angle not noing what eles to do prayed for there peeacful co exsistence for days. till finally it all stoped. the angle looked out the window of her castle to find they had not fired one bulet at eachother and resovled there diffrences.the angle every day from that moment on never slept in and watched over the earth.